I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award!

Okay, so for those of you reading this that don’t know, here are the Liebster Award rules:



I’ve been nominated by both twolittleowlsblog and John Guillen (thanks, guys!). I actually got nominated in the first few days of my blog having started, but was too inept at blogging (let’s face it, I still am) to actually do it. But when I got my second nomination, I stopped arsing around and now here I am, doing it! I’m a little late still, but my university work is to blame for that, it takes up most of my days. Really, I mean, it’s awful. Could we start a protest? Could we ban it altogether? No? Okay. Never mind.


11 facts about myself!


  • I’m Megan and I’m a Diet Coke-aholic. Very, very addicted. All I can think about is where my next can’s coming from. To be fair, I’m very clued up on the health risks – I just don’t listen to them. It’s got to the point where my mates have even suggested I buy it wholesale. One day I’ll beat the beast but for now, I’m very much hooked.
  • Despite what I said earlier, my uni work isn’t really ‘work’, and that’s the great thing about choosing a Creative Writing degree. I just write all the time and the only stress comes from deadlines or bad writing (I’ve had my fair share of both).
  • I keep buying shoes. I don’t know what it is, it just keeps happening. One minute I’m outside a shop and the next, I’ve got a new pair of plimsolls in my hand and a dent in my bank balance. They’re not even extra-special shoes. Mostly I buy comfortable summer shoes. Why?
  • I spend my term time living in a student house in a town in South Wales. It’s a bit of a rubbish place – the stabbings and the burglaries dampen the mood – but sometimes it can look quite beautiful! But only for about seven minutes at sunset on a sunny day. That’s it. That’s the only time.
  • When I write, I take people that I see in real life and use them as background characters in my stories, because then I know they’re definitely authentic. Today a saw a man in a dressing-gown (just a dressing-gown) in a shop. I’m going to put him in my story ASAP.
  • I have a pet peeve. That pet peeve is when Americans re-make British films and television programmes. They seem to go through a blender and a sieve until they’ve been drained of all fun and originality. I’m looking at you, everyone-who-ruined-The-Office-and-the-Inbetweeners-and-Skins.
  • I really love writing the 100-word-stories that I fill my blog with, but I wish that I was better! I’ve read some written by geniuses and hoped the genius would rub off onto me but alas, if that were true, then we’d all write a bloody best-seller.
  • My ultimate dream is to make money writing. More specifically, to publish novels that are then turned into films. I’ve already picked the cast for my first book/film! And the authors don’t even get to do that. But hey, it’s my head, I’ll entertain whatever absurd notion I want! Maybe I will magically morph into Beyoncé!
  • While I have some sky-high dreams, I also have some sensible ones which are: to get a nice job I enjoy that gives me money, to get a nice flat, to have a nice and happy time with my boyfriend and friends and family. You know, until the book deal and the movie rights stuff goes ahead.
  • I absolutely love tackiness. It’s a fairly recent love that’s developed over the past few years, but I love it. I’m talking about chunky gold jewellery, white stilettos, neon signs, gold chains on everything, bright pink nail varnish… Honestly, if I was rich, I’d live in some sleek, swish flat with pink plastic flamingos and palm trees everywhere. With lots and lots of gold objects around me.
  • I haven’t been to America… yet.


11 questions for me to answer!


1. What kind of music do you like to listen to while writing, if any at all?

I don’t! I often write in a public space, so I put my earphones in to block out the noise but I don’t actually play any music. Works brilliantly when you don’t want weird strangers to talk to you, too.


2. What is it about writing that keeps you going, even when you’re not sure you want to continue?

WHAT IF I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING ELSE?! Also, one bad day/week/month doesn’t have to ruin years of being half-decent at it. You have to have faith that good things will happen in the end!


3. Who is your favourite author?

Well, now you’ve got me. I’ve read quite a bit of Kazuo Ishiguro and apart from an ending in one of his first books, I’ve loved every word he’s ever written. Also Dan Rhodes, a guy who completed his Masters at my university, is fantastic – particularly at 100-word-stories!


4. What genre do you read, but swear you’ll never write?

I honestly don’t know! I wouldn’t write sci-fi but I don’t really read it. I wouldn’t write romance but I don’t read that either. When I was younger I remember reading some of those miserable ‘missing kids’ mystery books, and I’d never write one of those.


5. What do you do when you tell yourself something along the lines of ‘I’ll only procrastinate a little bit longer’?

My procrastination during ‘work-time’ tends to be staring blankly at the internet or eating food in the computer lab where it’s forbidden (I live outside of society’s rules) and watching a TV programme on my laptop.


6. What brings you right into a writing mood, and how do you keep it that way?

I’ve often felt most inspired after a workshop lecture, when we’ve spent four hours talking about someone’s work, sometimes my own. Then I’ll leave and my brain will be whirring with ideas so I’ll go and write as soon as I can.


7. Favourite series, and favourite stand alone?

I haven’t read a series for a while, as I prefer stand alone books.  Favourite stand alone might be The Remains of the Day, by Kazuo Ishiguro, and my most recent favourite is Gold, by Dan Rhodes. I know I mentioned them previously but they’re really, really good.


8. Have you ever seriously screwed up your sleeping schedule because of a book? Was it worth it, and what were you reading?

I honestly can’t remember what books they’ve been but I’ve stayed up later than I should to read – who hasn’t?! I also work in a quiet little shop one day a week and recently I’ve been able to finish whole books in a 9 hour shift. That’s how few customers I have!


9. What do you do to remember those ideas you come up with when you’re not able to write?

Well, I tend to think of ideas right in that little sleepy time before you’re actually asleep but you’re comfortable in bed. I did it two nights ago about a story for my blog so I repeated the key word ‘parrot’ several times in my head, and I remembered the next morning! Usually, I’ll make a note on my phone.


10. Are there any books or series that you thought were great, and then the ending just ruined everything for you?

When We Were Orphans, by Kazuo Ishiguro, is one that made me a bit cross at the end. But it was one of his first books I believe, and everything’s been great since then. I read a lot of short stories so this question is hard to apply to those. Some of Charles Bukowski’s endings have made me lift my head from the page with a dazed expression, but I wouldn’t say they’ve ruined anything.


11. Why do you write?

I love it and it’s the thing I’m best at. Even though there’s a lot of fear (am I good enough, will I ever be successful, what will happen if it never works out etc) that fear is, weirdly, what keeps me going. Working off the back of pure fear is quite exciting sometimes. It might never happen… but what if it does?

My nominations

1. Christine Wild

2. Geoffrey

3. Damyanti

4. Natalie’s Lovely Blog

5. sknicholas

6. Bright Tuesday

7. annjohnsonmurphree

8. Man of many thoughts

9. mahagha

10. jldemarest595

11. greendeathwritings


There we are, folks! I’m supposed to write you some questions but it’s 12.37am and I’m going to take John’s way out and say you can use the questions I had to answer, as they’re great questions and I’m not sure I could top them! Also, the rules state that the blogs I nominate must have less than 200 followers but you’re all so damn popular, I had to bend the rules! Oh well. Go go go!

9 thoughts on “I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award!

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      • Oh! I thought for a second that you meant the book of horror stories, ‘Nocturnes’, by John Connolly! Which is fantastic 🙂 I’ve not read ‘Nocturnes’ by Kazuo Ishiguro but if his short stories I’ve read are anything to go by, it should be great! Let me know how you like it, I’d get a copy myself if you recommended 🙂

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